Why do people love to receive personalized gifts

Have you ever received a personalized gift? Why do people love to receive personalized gifts? Perhaps one of the most common reasons customers share why they like personalizing an item for a friend or colleague is that they just want to get the person something special.

As special as the gift might already be, the added value of the engraved personalization says so much in gift giving. Clearly a friend is choosing a gift for you which would be a gift that you would cherish and use again, but by adding personalization, so many recipients say that it makes them feel special for so many reasons including that the gift obviously costs an additional charge but, more importantly, that the gift-giver went to the extra trouble to have the gift personalized… thus making it so very… well, let’s face it, personal!

How many times have you purchased a gift for yourself and personalized it?  That is another reason why personalized gifts are so popular with the recipient is that we seldom choose to have a gift personalized for ourselves. It is something very special and well received by all.

So, for the next Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Team Coach or any other special occasion…..PERSONALIZE IT!!!


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